Apr 7, 2019

Episode 65 (S4. Ep 17) A ‘Vogue’ Idea


Carrie On favorite Daniel Montgomery joins Alec and Kat for a thought-provoking (and occasionally cringe-inducing) episode of Sex and the City.

Carrie presents her first freelance article her Vogue editors, Samantha gives Richard a three way for his birthday, and Charlotte throws a baby shower for Miranda (NO OVER THE TOP BABY STUFF ALLOWED!).

We are almost to the end of season 4, and we are having so. much. fun.

Oh, and if you want to check out the article Alec references in this episode, you can read it here: https://www.glamour.com/story/revisiting-the-sex-and-the-city-metoo-episode-a-vogue-idea


Feb 24, 2019

Episode 64 (S4. Ep 16) Ring a Ding Ding

This episode, we're welcoming first-time guest (and SATC fanatic) Bri Cuoco! Bri helps us navigate an episode of the show that finds Samantha looking for love while Richard sends his "Best," Carrie looking for the money for her down payment, Charlotte looking for the courage to stand on her own, and Miranda looking for the strength to hold her butt cheeks together against an onslaught of pregnancy gas! 

Join us, won't you, for another rip-roaring episode of Carrie On! 

Jan 20, 2019

Episode 63 (S4. Ep 15) Change of a Dress


Strap on your tap shoes, it's time for another episode of Carrie On! Charlotte takes up tap-dancing, Samantha catches monogamy, Miranda tries to find her maternal instinct, and Carrie reckons with the idea of actually going through with a wedding to Aidan. It's funny, it's heartbreaking, it's Sex and the City. Join Alec, Kat, and Carrie On favorite Matthew Scott Montgomery as we talk through it all!!

Jun 17, 2018

Interview with Jennifer Keishin Armstrong (Author of ‘Sex and the City and Us’)


We’ve got a very special mini-sode for you today! Recently, we got the chance to interview author Jennifer Keishin Armstrong about her new book Sex and the City and Us. Jennifer is an accomplished writer and a huge fan of Sex and the City, and her new book is truly fantastic. It’s a smart, funny history of the making of the show and it’s cultural impact on the world. We promise you’ll love it. So, enjoy this interview, and then go buy her book! 

Jun 17, 2018

Episode 62 (S4. Ep14) All That Glitters


Samantha does a dangerous, DANGEROUS drug and confesses her love to Richard. Charlotte and Trey call it quits. Miranda gets outed as pregnant by a coworker. And Carrie tries to figure out who she is post-engagement. 


Join Alec, Kat, and Daniel Montgomery for another episode of Carrie On! 

Feb 11, 2018

Episode 61 (S4. Ep13) The Good Fight


Hey pop tart! Where ya been, who'd ya see, whaddaya know, and WHATCHA BEEN DOIN?

We are so excited to be talking about one of the single most iconic episodes of Sex and the City: The Good Fight. This is the episode that brought us phrases like "long, pink, amazing," "dead woman fucking," and "I don't wanna TALK about it!"

So grab a flat baby and 5 almost empty speed-stick deodorants, throw on your favorite shredded Roberto Cavalli dress and your chewed-up turquoise shoes, and join Alec, Kat, and the hilarious Stephanie Barnes for one of the best episodes of this show EVER.

Jan 28, 2018

Episode 60 (S4. Ep12) Just Say Yes


We couldn't help but wonder: how do you know when it's right?


When we sat down to record this episode, we were struck by how different it was from the pilot. The ladies are dealing with infertility, unplanned pregnancy, proposals - and nothing about any of it is conventional. It's a far cry from the silliness and lightness of the first episode of Sex and the City, and yet the show manages to handle all of these heavy subjects with humor and grace.

Join Alec, Kat, and Carrie On favorite Matthew Scott Montgomery as we tackle one of the most canonical episodes of this fantastic show! 

Jan 15, 2018

Episode 59 (S4. Ep11) Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda


Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda is an episode of Sex and the City that really *coulda* been very dark and serious, but somehow manages not to be. Join Alec, Kat, and Carrie On favorite Joe Gillette as we walk with the ladies through infertility, abortion, and Birkins in this, the 59th episode of Carrie On!


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Jan 1, 2018

Episode 58 (S4. Ep.10) Belles of the Balls


Come on little babies, you're coming to the country with uuuussssss....again. We're back in Suffern with Carrie, Aidan, and Big for an episode that is as full of groans as it is great moments! Join Alec, Kat, and Daniel for so much ball talk you'll think this is a sports podcast!

Sep 17, 2017

Episode 57 (S4. Ep9) Sex and the Country


We're back with an all new episode of Carrie On, featuring a guest appearance by our good friend Alli Kelly, who couldn't be funnier or more perfect for this podcast! We cover Steve's balls, Samantha's relentless determination to get a piece of ass, the buoyancy of Trey's Schooner, and Carrie's inexplicable loathing of squirrels. Also, Alec has a revelation about his feelings for Aidan that will shock the regular Carrie On listener...Enjoy!

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