Episode 55 (S4. Ep7) Time and Punishment



Carrie is happily back with Aidan. What could go wrong? The archaic technology that is the answering machine, that's what! One call from Big mid-coitus is enough to turn Aidan into quite the prickly pear, which is a side of Aidan we don't see often, and let's be honest, it's kind of sexy. While Charlotte is busy "choosing her choice" Miranda throws her neck out, and Samantha fucks some asshole who tells her what to do with her pubes. He's a piece of tepid garbage.

Alec and Kat are once again joined by the WICK-edly talented Adele Dazeem, er, Stephanie Barnes for this episode, and if you think it isn't any good, you have to forgive us. You HAVE to forGIVE us. YOU HAVE TO FORGIVE US, AIDAN.

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