Episode 54 (S4. Ep6) Baby, Talk Is Cheap



Do our listener-wisteners want another eppy-weppy of Carrie Onnnnnnnnn? Yick. Now we need a shower. Baby talk is the worst - just ask Samantha-wantha, who in this episode is dealing with a guy who thinks that shit is appropriate in the bedroom.

Speaking of shit in the bedroom, Miranda's training for the marathon, where she meets a guy who likes to pay extra special attention to the place around the corner where her fudge is made. She's not sure if she likes it, but she doesn't want to rule anything out - until he wants her to do it to him! Get ready for some of the best butt acting this side of Miranda's poop chute!

Trey and Charlotte think they're ready for a B-A-B-Y (I mean, they've known each other for 5 minutes, why not?), but a dinner party with some kids who are real assholes gives them food for thought.

Oh, and this episode contains that famous moment where Carrie thinks Aidan can see her through her computer. LOL!

Join Alec, Kat, and the hosts of the HAGS Podcast, Riley Rose Critchlow and Nicole Wyland, for this episode full of cultural appropriation and butt play! It's way too much fun.

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