Episode 38 (S3.Ep8): The Big Time


Before we get into talk of this episode, does anyone have a tampon? We have some at home, but they won't fit in our Kate Spade purse :/
Hi, Carrie-On-ers! We are so in love with our guest this week, Joe Gillette, that we might even go to second with him! 
Oh, who are we kidding? We've already gone all the way with Joe, in two other episodes of the podcast. But that doesn't stop us from going REAL deep in this one (spoiler alert: virginity-loss stories ahoy!).
Join, Alec, Kat, and Joe as Charlotte starts falling hard for Trey, Miranda lets go of Steve, Samantha lets go of her dignity, and Carrie starts to lose sight of herself in the dense fog that is Mr. Big.
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