Episode 51 (S4.Ep3) Defining Moments



It's finally time to tackle the topic we've all been avoiding: Open door dumps.

There comes a time in every relationship, whether spoken or unspoken, when a couple sets the ground rules for bathroom intimacy, and in this episode of SATC, Miranda's new beau Doug (Jim Gaffigan) has no problem blowing wet loads right in front of his lady. Meanwhile, Carrie's been hanging out with Big, and is now realizing they may need to start defining what exactly they're doing, Charlotte can't get Trey to stop trying to get into her pants in public, and Samantha can't comprehend an art gallery opening without any hot guys, and in the absence of dick, she decides to give a lesbian relationship a try. Join Alec, Kat, and Abbie Cobb as they discuss all of this and more on our latest episoe of Carrie On!

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